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The Management

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    by Mr Rogers

    Mr Rogers dusts off the turntables and some vinyl and plays the first Midnight Sessions set.

    Starting off with some old rock tunes, it quickly dives into the pool of funk where Mr Rogers likes to swim. But it never looses that rock theme.


    • bob dylan - subterranean homesick bluesx
    • donovan - mellow yellow
    • starship - white rabbit
    • steve miller - gangster of love/you're so fine
    • aretha franklin - the weight
    • aretha franklin - dr feelgood (live)
    • james & bobby purify - i'm your puppet
    • james brown - don't tell
    • john roberts - sofisticated funi (inst.)
    • the dramatics - what you see is what you get
    • johnny nash - i can see clearly now
    • iron butterfly - get outta my life woman
    • war - me and baby brother
    • cream - born under a bad sign
    • climax blues band - lousiana blues
    • ten years after - hear me callin
    • woody allen - interview about what's up pussycat
    • lovin' spoonful - summer in the city
    • spanky wilson - sunshine of your love
    • hank cargo - hot pants
    • betu barney & the panzant brothers - why i sing the blues
    • cold blood - i'm a good woman
    • james brown - just enough room for storage
    • clarence carter - scratchin it back
    • isley brothers - was it good to you?