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The Management

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    by DJ Ben

    Once again Selectors Choice reggae crew, AKA The Sunset Roots Collective, rolled out to Aqua Surf Shop on a spectacular Saturday afternoon to spread the dubby beats. Soul Suspect, DJ Ben and Mr Rogers spent the afternoon spinnin tunes while Doc Lausch of Surf Prescriptions showed off new designs and cooked up some mean Carne Asada Tacos.

    We walked away with 6 gorgeous sets over 4 hours of tunes - enjoy them all!

    Soul Suspect / Mr Rogers / DJ Ben / Soul Suspect / DJ Ben

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    The last set is Soul Suspect closing it up with 8 minutes of Surf Rock.

    Big Ups to Aleks and Devin (Aqua's owners) for hosting a great afternoon shindig and Doc for bringing the tacos.