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The Management

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    by Soul Suspect & Mr Rogers

    Recorded Live at Mission Cliffs' celebration of Touchstone's 20th Year Anniversary. There was climbing, slow cooked sliders, cotton candy, cake, pinatas. And there were tunes brought to you by Mr Rogers and Soul Suspect. These 4 sets run through a pretty solid range of styles.

    This one focuses on funk and soul. Groove on!


    • SNT (Live at the Peace Pipe '93) - Cut Chemist & This Kid Named Miles
    • Tom The Peeper - Act 1
    • Whatever - Merry Clayton
    • Southern Man - Merry Clayton
    • Baby Workout - Jackie Wilson
    • Barefootin' - Robert Parker
    • Needle In A Haystack - The Velvelettes
    • Rubberneckin - Elvis Presley
    • I Do - The Marvelows
    • Tell Mama - Etta James
    • The Memphis Train - Rufus Thomas
    • Get Up (Like A Sex Machine) - James Brown
    • Hot Rod Poppa - Marsha Hunt
    • The Undisputed Truth - UFOs
    • Miss You - The Rolling Stones
    • This Is Radio Clash - The Clash
    • Give It Up Turnit Loose - James Brown